Version 1.4.0 sees Prismatica’s debut on the Windows App Store (e.g. for Microsoft Surface and other RT platforms as well as Windows 8.1+ Desktops) and has also shipped to the Windows Phone.

Update 1.4 for Google Play, Amazon App Store and the iOS App Store will ship in the next few days and weeks.

Version 1.3 was a Windows Phone specific build and only shipped for it but everything from 1.3 is of course also included in version 1.4 and beyond.

Updates in 1.4.0:

  • Added Portrait mode support
    • Prismatica can now be played in portrait mode, e.g. one handed thumb action on your phone or split screen shenanigans on Surface or any other device that supports it.
  • Added fully dynamic and adaptive resizing to the whole game.
    • To say “added portrait mode” is actually a bit of an understatement, since in reality, the whole underlying UI framework was torn apart and then put back to gather again, bit by bit, with additional magic to allow for a seamless, adaptive, live resizing of everything to any reasonable resolution.
    • In other words, the game doesn’t simply support a screen ratio approximately between 4:3 & 16:9 in both landscape and portrait mode, but anything in between or beyond like; 1:1 (a square windows) or 4:9 (a “snapped” app in Xbox One).
    • This also means you can resize and/or switch orientation while playing without it interrupting the game.
  • A couple of bugs got their due as well

Updates in 1.3.0 (Windows Phone only):

  • Core compatibility changes related to the Windows Phone port
    • In other words, no actual visible changes or updates, but the framework code changed so much that the bump in version number only made sense (i.e. this was a full-blown no-turning-back update, just without any new visible features).
  • Removed the “pitch-out” effect on the music when loading levels
    • It just sounded somehow like something went terribly wrong and the game just broke (though defect related audible pitch distortions is unique to analog audio playback only, the mental association remains strong, at least in my generation it seems. Digital audio that bugs out simply “breaks” all the way and either stops completely or turns into some god-awful garbage noise).
    • I left the “pitch-out” effect unchanged in the level win sequence however, since I kind of like it and in that case there’s no mistaking the “bendieness” for an error)
  • Minor bug fixes

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