Version 1.2.1 of Prismatica shipped to Google Play and the Amazon App Store on July 24th with the following changes:

  • Enabled “Back” button functionality for Android devices
    • The physical “Back” button now functions as one would expect.
    • It backs out of any menu in the game (from level to  episode, from episode to main, from settings to main, etc.)
    • It exits the game when pressed in the main menu
    • It exits a level when pressed in a level’s pre-scrambling and post-solving (win) menus
    • It enters the pause menu/solution preview menu when pressed in during play
    • It unpauses and resumes normal play when pressed in the pause menu/solution preview menu (i.e. it doesn’t exit the level as in most other cases to prevent accidentally exiting  while playing)
    • In the PC/Mac versions the Escape button functions identically
  • Added a “loading” icon during level loading/unloading
    • The transition between “scenes” was a bit to barren and ominously silent, especially on older and slower devices where loading levels can take a few seconds
  • Optimized performance and stability
    • This version was built against the latest stable versions of Unity and the Android SDK which should fix some device/model specific bugs and/or compatibility issues
    • Added persistent preloading of common resources to reduce unnecessary loading time while unloading resources from memory that then got reloaded again right away.
    • Reduced the number of individual sprite-sheets by combining them
    • Removed old, unused and development/debug resources and code
    • Optimized the build process for Mobile to reduce package size
  • Routed the Fast-Forward button’s sound effects through the correct Audio Mixer channel
    • The volume of it’s “click” sound should now be on par with other buttons in the game (it was loud as hell)

Updates in 1.2.2 (Android only):

  • Fixed a package signing error that prevented some devices from updating version 1.2.0 to 1.2.1.

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