Prismatica version 1.1 shipped to Steam on July 1 with the following updates:

  • Added a “Color-blind mode”
    • Color-blind mode can now be turned on/off in the main menu settings. Turning color-blind mode on overlays three distinct sets of patterns on the puzzle pieces, all of which can “blend” together to form combined patterns in the same way the colors (e.g. the red pattern is a circle, the blue pattern is dots and purple is dots in a circle and so on).
    • The color-blind symbols can also be helpful in case people aren’t sure how the three primary colors blend, something that I’ve simply taken for granted without giving it much thought. Iceland’s education system is pretty heavy on arts and crafts in the early stages but assuming everyone in the world intuitively knows how to blend green or purple seems a bit thoughtless now that I think about it (although the level intro-animation sequence does show how the colors blend piece by piece so that’s something at least).
  • Added a “Really reset all stars?” confirmation dialog
    • Clicking the “reset stars/score” button in the settings now opens up a confirmation dialog that shows the level stars breaking up and falling away and the levels locking up. This replaces the mechanism where you click the button twice to confirm the “reset”.
    • The icon on the “reset stars/score” button may make sense once you know what it does but accidentally resetting your scores is a pretty harsh price to pay to find out.
  • Increased the volume of the track “Clementine”
    • The volume of the sound files them selves was about 20-30% lower than all the other tracks.
  • Tweaked the volume of various sound effects
    • Trying to control the volume of multiple 2D sounds in 3D space is tricky. I’ve gone through all the audio-sources in the game and configured them to ignore 3D specific voodoo like Doppler effects, distance from the camera and so on.
    • Also tweaked the in-game volume of some effects as the sound files were never actually normalized together volume-wise.
    • UPDATE: Turns out that my sound card was probably the cause of the audio-imbalance in the game and not bad file-normalization. See here: “What’s new in Version 1.2.0 :)

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